True stories about online dating

His Ok Cupid profile didn’t feature a single naked or topless selfie. Those are the two hardly notable qualities that Monica Martinez claims attracted her to her now-boyfriend.“His pictures showed him skiing, him on vacation, always clothed and doing something active,” she says.For me, online feels all right for casual dating and trying out guys.

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Brooklyn Sherman started the popular Instagram account, @thewaywemet, to draw attention to a couple’s beginnings.

The posts are mostly of people who’ve met in real life — a college internship at Disney, a pair who introduced themselves while stopped at a red light.

Sharon Sassler, a Cornell University professor who’s studied cohabiting couples, says plenty of online couples still have cover stories about how they met.

Or one member of the pair lies about meeting digitally, and the other person fesses up.

Karen Fein, the vice president of marketing for Hinge, says that couples might realize they grew up on the same street.

“The story is: ‘I can’t believe we didn’t meet already,’ ” she says.

As Aziz Ansari says in one of his Netflix stand-up specials, couples’ origin stories are now as complex as searching “Jewish” and your Zip code on At the same time, interesting origin stories are having a moment everywhere else.

It’s not enough for a restaurant to have primo prime rib; it’s got to have a killer backstory that explains the struggles its owners faced and the exact farms from which they sourced their products.

The against-all-odds storyline can also become: How is it that we didn’t meet sooner?

That’s especially relevant when singles meet through dating apps that highlight mutual friends, such as Hinge, Tinder and Coffee Meets Bagel.

He didn’t message her for five days, so she unmatched him.

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