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Rent is expensive, but the cost of living isn't too bad if you have a good job.Another factor affecting rent prices is the Metro; the closer you live to a metro station, the higher your rent will most likely be. For this reason, many families move to the suburbs of Northern Virginia and Maryland to afford a single family home.

We have listed some of the advantages and disadvanges of living in DC: Entertainment: Some advantages to taking up residence in Washington DC are having lots of free things to do.

Admission to the National Zoo and the Smithsonian Institution is always free of charge.

With so many parks around the city, DC residents dont have to travel far to enjoy the beautiful fall foliage.

However, the weather tends to be very cold in winter, and hot and humid during the summer.

If so, the Kennedy Center provides free performances everyday at 6PM and no tickets are required.

If you like jazz, visit the American Art Museum every third Thursday for free live jazz, cool drinks and great art! The city offers plenty of entertainment, shopping, outdoor festivals, and excellent restaurants, bars and lounges.

For this reason, many Washingtonians prefer taking the Metro rather than driving.

If you want to keep your car and avoid the long commute, then the only option is living to close to work.

Washington DC is a fascinating city with a variety of job opportunities in the federal and private sector, recreation, and different lifestyles.

Also this is where the President of the United States lives.

Weather: In a milder climate, you get the benefits of season change.

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