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Just one tip: if you have decided to take the comic route, be kind. If anything, they will strike you off the guest list of the next marriage anniversary celebration.

Comedian and violinist Henry Youngman could always be trusted to bring on the laughs.

The pressures of work and married life can be daunting but not reason enough to forget the momentous day. Instead of wasting time stressing over the gift, write a short and sweet love letter to your beloved.

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By Simran Khurana Walk Down Memory Lane With Your Favorite Couple As you look at the cute couple smiling in the photo frame, you can't help wondering how the years melted away.

The beautiful wedding ceremony, the flowing bridal gown, the happy chatter of the guests, and the wedding dance – memories flood your mind, as if it were only yesterday.

Sure, there were ups and downs, even some that you are not aware of.

But overall, it has been a wonderful ride together. Do you recollect the bride who walked up to the altar?

In the trajectory of life, the couple underwent many emotional, financial, physical, and psychological changes. If you have been married long enough, experience can make the words flow freely. These toasts focus on the lighter side of married life, highlighting the troubles and challenges of being married for better or for worse.

Life dealt them some hard knocks, but the two withstood the blows stoically. If you thought saying "I do" ensured a happily-ever-after, these toasts might convince you otherwise.Work deadlines, children's school, and other unavoidable engagements may conspire to keep you from all the fun. You can always communicate with the new couple over the phone or the Internet. Add a personal touch by including a meaningful quotation.Ancient Greek poet Homer had once said, "There is nothing more admirable than two people who see eye-to-eye keeping house as man and wife, confounding their enemies, and delighting their friends."Don’t Forget Your Own Marriage Anniversary Even as you write beautiful anniversary wishes for happily married couples, do not forget your own anniversary.Do you remember the groom who looked resplendent in his wedding suit? Your emotions overwhelm you, though you want to say a lot.And the beautiful bridesmaids who showered flowers at the wedding ceremony? If you cannot shake off the writer's block, read a collection of marriage anniversary toasts. Elizabeth Barrett Browning can always be trusted to provide a meaningful line.If your parents or grandparents prefer to have a low-key affair, you can make their marriage anniversary an occasion to remember.

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